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Otc With Discount Milnacipran. Where To Buy Savella

Otc With Discount Milnacipran. Where To Buy Savella

My fibromyalgia had gotten extremely bad due to a great number of stresses in my life this year, so the doctor recommended I try Savella. I was on a drug called Pristiq and when my psych doctor found out about the Savella with it, he said I was beginning to experience Serotonin syndrome - not good. I got off the Pristiq and cut way back on how much Savella I'm taking. I'm going to increase it very slowly and hope the side effects will subside. Reading that for some it took 2 months gave me some hope. I've been having hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, headaches, no energy, but - Hardly NO PAIN! I will keep trying.

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