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Find Nonprescription Seasonique Best Website Online. Prijs Drug Postinor Can I Purchase

Find Nonprescription Seasonique Best Website Online. Prijs Drug Postinor Can I Purchase

I had nothing but problems the entire time I had my Mirena. I had it inserted Feb 2007 and just had it taken out today (Jan 5, 2012). I had nothing but migraines, backaches, bloating, severe cramping, irritability, extreme weight gain (50 lbs total) anxiety, sharp stabbing pains in my ovaries and my husband was always being poked by those strings. The only reason I kept it in was because it did what it was supposed to do- stop me from becoming pregnant. This past weekend I was in so much pain I was in tears. I went to my ob/gyn first thing this morning and had it removed. Now apparently I am going through a 'Mirena crash' and feel like I am getting the flu. This Mirena- the gift that keeps on giving.

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